Tuesday, June 09, 2009

RSpec route_for & params_from with Nested Routes & Custom Methods

I was just writing some route specs for nested routes that used PUT methods and it took some searching and experimentation to get it to work. I didn't find a lot of relevant documentation, so hopefully this will help others.


map.resources :accounts do |account|
account.resources :accounts_users,
:member => {:upgrade => :put, :downgrade => :put}

Testing the generator (route_for)

route_for(:controller => "accounts_users",
:action => "upgrade",
:account_id => "3",
:id => "5").should ==
{:path => "/accounts/3/accounts_users/5/upgrade",
:method => 'put'}

In this case rather than matching the output of route_for against a simple string, you match it against a hash with :path and :method

Testing the recognition (params_from)

"/accounts/3/accounts_users/1/upgrade").should ==
{:controller => "accounts_users", :action => "upgrade",
:id => "1", :account_id => "3"}

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